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Boost team performance with a personalized digital assistant that saves time, increases customer touchpoints, and keeps you connected with clients and prospects.

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Any Team

Imagine a digital assistant, swiftly detecting business events, drafting messages, and saving two hours per employee daily with top-tier strategies.

10x Customer Touchpoints

Detects important business events, drafts emails, social posts, and includes an approval layer.

Save 2 hrs per Employee, Daily

Imagine saving two hours per employee each day—time that could be transformed into profit.

World-Class Tactics in One Swipe

A digital assistant equipped with a veteran’s playbook, translating top-tier strategies.

It’s not Software. It's a Digital Person.

There's only one thing it can't do—take your client to dinner.

Stay connected to important business relationships.
Never miss key milestones like funding rounds.
Auto-like posts, personalize replies, and reshare easily.
Maintain connections as leaders move to new roles.
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Nonstop assistance

Always On

Always available, providing support and productivity at any time.

Saves Money

Costs less than hiring and training human employees, especially for repetitive tasks.

Does Many Tasks

Handles many tasks at once, something that would need several human workers.


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Ensure every action aligns with your vision.

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