The All-New Relationship Growth Assistant

Never miss an update about your clients or an opportunity to build stronger relationships.

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Made For Pros

Grow And Retain Accounts

Grow and retain accounts by proactively managing and nurturing your personal and professional relationships.

Never miss an important update from any of your contacts

Be alerted about important events like promotions, job changes, financing rounds, acquisitions, articles, news, and more.

Efficient Relationship Building

Focus on delivering valuable, timely, and topical interactions by streamlining and automating communication with your clients via email and/or social media.

Ensure Relationships Are Continually Nurtured

The system makes sure you never go longer than you want without you or team members checking in or meeting with important clients.

Built For Business

Increased Relationship Longevity

Never let your clients get "lonely." Instead, check in on a regular basis with personalized interactions that demonstrate genuine interest and care.

More Relationship Opportunities

Utilize insights from interactions to uncover and pursue new opportunities for connection within your existing network.

Better Interaction Efficiency

Save time on routine organizational tasks, allocating more for direct, value-adding client interactions.

React Automatically To Customer News

Stand out and generate business by reacting automatically to major customer news.

Positilize interface on mobile phone

Streamlined Awareness

Stay informed about significant events and milestones in your contacts' lives, enabling timely and relevant interactions.

Simplified Communication

Easily draft and send personalized messages, notes of congratulations, and invitations, using adaptable templates for efficiency.

Consistent Engagement

Develop a customized schedule for regular communication that aligns with the important events in your contacts' lives and your personal goals.

Social Media Strategies

Build and maintain strong relationships through active engagement on social platforms, ensuring you remain connected and visible.

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