Business Growth for Lawyers

Empower your law firm with Postilize’s AI-enhanced client engagement and business development strategies.

Positilize interface on mobile phone

Practitioner Perks

Generate Up To 5x The Revenue

Become one of the firms rainmakers, generating way more business for your firm.

Bill More Hours

Reallocate hours spent on manual relationship-building activities to more critical tasks.

Deeper Client Insights

Get alerts when your clients raise equity, raise debt, acquire a company, and more in order to drive opportunities.

Personal Brand Building

Boost your online presence and reputation.

Advantages For Firms

Enhanced Client Retention

Regular, meaningful interactions strengthen client relationships, leading to better retention rates.

Increased Revenue Opportunities

Timely engagement based on client-specific news opens up new business possibilities.

Efficiency In Business Development

Automate routine tasks, freeing lawyers to concentrate on high-value activities.

Competitive Advantage

Distinguish your firm in a crowded market by offering proactive and personalized client care.

Positilize interface on mobile phone
Positilize interface on mobile phone

Automated News Tracking

Stay in the know effortlessly. Our AI tracks important updates, ensuring you're informed and prepared to act.

Simplified Email Drafting

Our solution provides customizable templates for diverse occasions, from regular check-ins to celebratory messages.

Easily Time Communication

Postilize helps maintain a well-timed contact rhythm, aligning with milestones and your relationship goals.

Social Media Magic

Maintain connections with clients on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, nurturing relationships even during gaps between projects.

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